"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Mathew 28:18

Starting a Tres Dias

How to Start a Local Tres Dias Community

Start with prayer … prayerful determination to fully understand God’s will for Tres Dias in your area.

Prayer is the Alpha and Omega of Tres Dias. It is one of the most important aspects of the entire movement. There should be prayerful determination to fully understand God’s will in efforts to create a new community.

With prayerful consideration, the first step should be to contact all pescadores and cursillistas in your area (Pescadores are people who have made a Tres Dias. Cursillistas are people who have made a Cursillo (Roman Catholic or other denomination.). The Membership Committee of the Tres Dias Secretariat may be able to assist in locating pescadores who may have moved from another community into your area. The telephone number for Tres Dias is (845) 462-5850. Incidentally, notice those numbers 845-462-5850 forms a perfect cross on touch-tone telephones.

A first step is to organize a working reunion group. This group should meet weekly with one person designated as the leader. It is important to not only ask for guidance as you pray for this new community, but to also give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord in all things.

During the week between meetings it is well for each member to spend time in daily prayer that they may better understand the Lord’s will for Tres Dias in the area.

It is important to begin and end all meetings with prayer. A suggested and effective way is to stand in a circle and each individual pray, one after another, from the heart with love and sincerity. Prayer and patience should go hand in hand. It should be remembered to be willing to wait upon the Lord and allow Him to guide. Do not be too eager to “start things moving” in your own way. Remember that God is in charge.

From the “Origin of Tres Dias” (quoting from the author, Dave McManigal): “In May 1972 I was thoroughly beaten and I knew it. I began to wonder how the Lord’s work could be so painful, especially when He had shown Himself so clearly to be on my side. You see the mistake I was making. I wanted the Lord on my side, but I saw no need to be on His side. I was learning the hard way. …. Well, the upshot was I quit. I was thoroughly discouraged and beaten by the conventional ways of the world. … The Lord was always in charge but He wanted me to know it down deep inside. He got me out of the way so that He could do His wondrous works!”

Stressing again: Pray; ask for God’s guidance; be obedient to Him.

There should be agreement in the working reunion group as you proceed. If not, take time to pray for an answer or, if necessary, ask each person to pray daily until you meet again. In this way you will more fully understand God’s will in your efforts.

Remember: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20. Other bible verses that may be helpful in your work together are: Luke 6:12; Luke 8:15; Luke 18:1; Luke 18:27; and Philippians 4:6.

Purpose of the Local Secretariat

From The Essentials of Tres Dias: “The function of the local secretariat is to conduct an effective program in accordance with the Tres Dias Method.” In the Tres Dias community the method involves PRE-WEEKEND, WEEKEND, and 4th DAY activities.

Forming a Local Secretariat

You are urged to form a Secretariat as soon as there are enough pescadores in your community. Every community needs an organizational body to plan for and implement all the aspects of the movement. The Secretariat is the governing body of each Tres Dias community and the community must learn to live under the authority of a Secretariat and, of course, they, in turn, under the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ. All members including Rectors need to be servants of the Secretariat and it is important that everyone understands that the Secretariat has control of the weekend and all activities of the community. This helps insure that the best is being given to the Lord, and it also helps insure that the weekends adhere to “The Essentials of Tres Dias.” A community that does not adhere to the Essentials (such as holding coed weekends) can not be chartered and can not use the name Tres Dias.


Ideally the local secretariat should be operational for six to twelve months before undertaking a weekend rather than rushing unsuccessfully into one.

Steps to take in forming a local secretariat involve the following:

1. Contact the Secretariat of Tres Dias

2. Obtain agreement from another community to be your sponsor (This is a very desirable step but not absolutely necessary.)

3. Develop By-Laws

4. Hold first local secretariat meeting

5. Chartering by Tres Dias

6. Fourth Day Activities

7. First Weekends

The following sections suggest details for these steps:

1. Contact the Secretariat of Tres Dias…

Tres Dias

20 Slate Hill Drive

Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-5537

Telephone: Voice: (845) 462-5850

Email tresdias@tresdias.org


In addition to these pages on the Internet, the Membership Committee of the Secretariat of Tres Dias can be helpful in several ways. They can provide:

1) Copies of the documents: “Constitution and By-Laws of Tres Dias” and “The Essentials of Tres Dias.”

2) A list of available Tres Dias supplies from the Service Committee. Examples include rollo outlines, liturgies, crosses, Fourth Day booklets.

3) Possibly a list of any pescadores living within your area. These could be contacted for possible interest and participation in your community.

4) Other assistance depending on availability and need might include:

 Speaker(s) to meet with you, answer questions and plan future steps.


 Team members (possibly rectors) for initial weekends


 Linkage to an existing community for assistance

2. Another Community to be Your Sponsor

When the Secretariat of Tres Dias has provided information regarding an existing community, make contact with them. Ask for their assistance as you build your new community. It might include:

1) Clergy support

2) Retreat

3) Materials and/or financial assistance

4) Team members … possibly first rectors

5) Prayer and palanca

3. Develop By-Laws

Each local secretariat must have a set of By-Laws. NOTE: A sample set of by-laws is available on the Internet at http:\\www.tresdias.org. Other examples of By-Laws will be provided by the Membership Committee of Tres Dias if you request. Typically such By-Laws should include sections on: Name, Purpose, Affiliation, Membership, Governing Body (secretariat), Officers, Officers Duties, Terms of Office, Standing Committees, Meetings, Elections, and Amendments.

4. Hold First Local Secretariat Meeting

The agenda for this first meeting should include: prayer, scripture, approval of the By-Laws, election of officers and planning for the future. One of the first official acts is to apply to Tres Dias for a Charter. Only chartered secretariats may use the name Tres Dias and conduct Tres Dias weekends and other activities.

5. Chartering by Tres Dias

The Membership Committee of the Secretariat of Tres Dias is responsible for chartering local secretariats. Obtain information and forms by contacting:

Tres Dias

20 Slate Hill Drive

Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-5537

Telephone 845-462-5850

Email tresdias@tresdias.org

6. Fourth Day Activities

… Obtain help from another community and the Membership Committee.

7. First Weekends

… Obtain help from another community and the Membership Committee.


Bibliography of Useful Publications

The Essentials of Tres Dias

Constitution of Tres Dias

Tres Dias Information Handout

The Pilgrim Guide

Living the 4th Day Guide

Lay Team Member Guide

Rector Guide

Spiritual Director Guide

Chief Auxiliary Guide

Music Director Guide

Workshop Guide

Tres Dias Song Book

These publications are available under “Materials” on the Tres Dias Web Site at: Materials